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LED light therapy is a highly effective way to achieve total facial rejuvenation. Unlike intense pulsed light (IPL) and lasers that rely on thermal injury, LED light delivers light emitting diodes, which do not produce any heat. The device delivers this light in precise wavelengths over the skin to regenerate, repair and heal.

LED light therapy uses three key forms of light that work to treat a range of skin concerns and conditions:

1. Red Light

This light works to plump and hydrate your skin. Blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Your skin will be clearer with less fine lines post-treatment.

2. Yellow Light

The yellow light stimulates more deeply to soften fine lines and improve skin tone and texture. Combine with cosmetic injectables, chemical peels and other popular treatments to help repair the skin.

3. Blue Light

This light is great for treating acne-prone skin. The blue light neutralises the bacteria that causes acne which eases inflammation and promotes healing.

LED face treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions

LED stands for light-emitting diode, it is an advanced light-based aesthetic treatment, used to treat a number of common skin concerns ranging from facial redness, blemishes, sunspots to fine lines and wrinkles. The aim of LED facials is to rejuvenate the face and or neck and chest area.

LED treatments aim at clearing problem areas to produce a younger, more uniform complexion without the need for invasive procedures or post-treatment downtime.

LED face treatments are a scientifically backed light therapy treatment that utilises thousands of coloured LED lights at cell-specific wavelengths to activate age-defying collagen and elastin production in your skin as well as stimulate cell turnover to restore skin to its optimal health.

LED devices commonly utilise Blue, Red, Green and Yellow wavelengths of LED light. Depending on your skin concern, a different coloured light will be used during treatment.

LED face treatments are painless. During the appointment all you need to do is lie underneath a light screen while the device does all the work.

Light therapy is non-invasive and normal activities can be resumed immediately post treatment.

Light therapy is versatile. Therefore, there is a treatment available for everyone.

Stay away from the sun for 48 hours and apply SPF,' advises Dr Nina Bal. 'You can take an anti-inflammatory in case of swelling and redness (rarely needed) or apply cold packs.

All LED light appointments are made by phone 1300 282 410 or alternatively privately messaging our Facebook or Instagram account. Unfortunately, we do not use online bookings link, as there are too many variables when it comes to laser treatments and time taken to complete the treatment. We kindly ask if we do not answer the phone, to leave a short message with your name and request a laser treatment. We will get back you as soon as possible, this can take up to 3 days depending on our workload and work hours. If you do not leave a message, we will not be able to call you back, as we have large volume of calls for a small business. Alternatively, privately message our Facebook or Instagram messenger, and we will respond. If this is written on a post, we will likely miss it as we can be quite busy and have a large volume of notifications on social media.

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