Broken Capillaries and Spider Veins


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The Fotona laser is the gold standard for treating vascular damage, rosacea, visible capillaries, spider veins, redness and papules.

This treatment uses targeted thermal energy to penetrate deep into the skin to reach deep-lying facial veins and repair vascular damage.

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Broken capillaries and veins laser treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fotona laser is ideal for treating vascular damage visible capillaries, spider veins, rosacea, redness and papules.

The laser treatment has advanced technology using targeted thermal energy to penetrate deep into the skin to reach deep-lying facial veins and repair vascular damage.

This heat and energy coagulate the blood vessels and damaged vascular networks, which lead to reduction in redness.

The Fotona Laser can treat a range of different types of blood vessels:
  1. Facial veins (telangiectasia) – This is the most common vascular treatment in clinic, most common place found are on the nose and face. they are described as a fine red blood vessel which are visible to the naked eye
  2. Cherry angioma – are very common and appear as tiny cherry red domes. Early angiomas are flat and tend to increase in size and number as we age.
  3. Spider veins – can be blue, purple or red in colour and appear in the form of thin lines, webs or branches.
  4. Port wine stain – a form of birthmark which appears as a pink to red flat patch which has well-defined edges
  5. Venous Lake – most common location is on the lower lip; it appears as a bluish soft lesion due to vascular dilation

Most facial blood vessels and capillaries are treated within 1 or 2 treatments.

Factors that require more laser treatments are:

  1. Number of blood vessels
  2. Size of the blood vessels 
  3. Area on the face 
  4. Colour the blood vessels

Most patients have a significant reduction of redness and blood vessels within 2 - 6 weeks after laser treatment. The final results take up to 3 months. 

Most patients find the treatment comfortable, in certain areas like the tip of the nose there can be a mild sting for a brief moment, when the laser energy coagulates the blood vessel.

The use of a cold pack or cooling system makes the treatment very comfortable. There is no ongoing pain or downtime after the laser treatment.

You may experience mild redness and localised swelling and sometimes bruising to the treatment area, blistering is rare.

The treated blood vessels may turn a bluish colour, this can last up to a couple of weeks, while the coagulation clears.

Vascular laser treatments can be booked online under laser consultation online. If it is your first appointment for a laser treatment, we will need to go through a questionnaire and assess your skin to make sure it is safe to perform laser treatments on you.

Your appointment can be booked online, the $50 booking fee goes towards your treatment. If you have had a previous appointment within the year, you can contact the clinic for a follow up treatment.

This can be done through social media or phone 1300 282 410 please leave a message if you would like to be call back.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us 1300 282 410 or by private message on social media.

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