Hydration Booster


& Pricing

Full Face

Complete coverage of the upper, mid and lower third of the face.

3ml 650

Under Eyes

Concentrated treatment for wrinkles and under eye crepey skin.

1ml 350

Upper Lip

Concentrated treatment for upper lip wrinkles and smokers lines.

1ml 350


Skin boosters help with deep-skin hydration, improved skin elasticity, smoothening rough skin and luminous skin complexion.

Skin Boosters micro-injections help lock in moisture in the skin so as to enhance the skin's appearance

Skin booster: Under eye (tear trough)

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Hydration skin booster

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin hydration boosters work by superficial injections of hyaluronic acid with a mixture of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that nourish the skin, creating a rehydrated, nourished and more volumised skin surface.

Skin boosters are a minimally invasive procedure. However, there are multiple tiny needles pricks into the skin and there cannot guarantee no bruising or swelling to the treated area.

It is recommended to have 24 - 48 hours downtime at home after your skin hydrating booster treatment. This will give the swelling time to settle after your procedure.

Skin hydration boosters are ideal for someone who would like to improve the quality of their skin, tone and texture. For optimal results you will require a treatment plan of up to three treatments.

Hydration boosters have best effect on age related skin issues, including thin, dull and sagging skin, it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

Most clients find the skin hydration booster treatment comfortable with numbing cream applied 20 minutes prior to treatment.

You may experience mild discomfort during the procedure but afterwards pain does subside. We use tiny needles to inject the hydration booster underneath the skin.

After the treatment you should not experience pain. An ice pack is useful for swelling after your treatment.

If you are concerned, please contact the clinic.

Skin hydrating results are noticeable after 1 - 2 weeks, the results will improve over the next 2 months.

For best results with skin hydration boosters, we recommend having a series of three skin treatments three weeks apart.

It is recommended to have 24 - 48 hours downtime after skin boosters. You may have small pin prick bruising and swelling. especially in the tear trough regions, other areas are less susceptible to swelling and bruising. It is recommended:
  • use of ice pack for swelling.
  • not use make up for 48 hours.
  • no exercise for 48 hours.
  • no alcohol or smoking for 48 hours.
  • avoid blood thinning medication or supplements prior to treatment and 48 hours after.
Common Hydration booster treatment areas include:
  1. Tear trough (under eye) region $350 (1ml)
Package of 3 treatment, 3 weeks apart $900 (3ml)
  1. Full face treatment $600 (3ml)
Package of 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart $1500
  1. Upper lip lines $350 (1ml)
Package of 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart $900 (3ml)
  1. Accordion lines (smile lines) $350 (1ml)
Package of 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart $900 (3ml)

Booking a skin hydration booster treatment is on our online booking system, you can access it from our website or social media pages links.

We require a $50 deposit to hold your appointment time, this will be taken off your treatment on the day.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, please contact our clinic if you need to change your appointment.

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