Tattoo Removal

Performance Laser Systems

Fotona Starwalker (QXMAX) Laser with patented FRACTAT
Best of Both Worlds: Picosecond pulse power with the high energy of nanosecond pulses
The most effective and safe solution for multi-coloured tattoos
• Faster and safer tattoo removal
• Less sessions
• Revolutionary FRACTAT
• Minimally invasive treatment
• Precise and gentle
• Removes all common tattoo colours
• For amateur and professional tattoos
• No anaesthesia required
• We offer prescription grade topical anaesthetic cream for added comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser tattoo removal has become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because it offers an
effective, safe and fast solution for removing unwanted tattoos.
With the right laser, all common tattoo colours can be removed; black and dark tones, blues and sky
blues, reds and tans, and greens.

The laser affects the tattoo with very short and strong laser pulses that penetrate deep into the skin,
without injuring the top layers.
These pulses are then absorbed by the pigments in the ink and as the laser light is transformed into
photoacoustic waves, it mechanically breaks up the ink into smaller particles. These are then
naturally absorbed by the body’s own immune system.
The number of treatments depends on the size of the tattoo as well as its location, depth and colour.
Amateur tattoos are the easiest to remove whereas professional ones may require more treatment
sessions. The tattoo will fade slowly between treatments as the body removes the remainders of the
tattoo pigment.

Fotona StarWalker’s Laser is a precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser 1064 nm wavelength is the ideal
tool tattoos removal. The Nd:YAG is the optimal modality for conversion into 532 nm, 585 nm and
650 nm wavelengths, allowing effective removal of all types of multi-collored and complex tattoos.
Also, because of its selective nature, the Nd:YAG is hardly absorbed in melanin. Therefore, this
wavelength can be safely used on all skin types.

  • The Fotona Starwalker can not be matched with its efficacy of removing tattoos.
  • It has the best of both worlds: Picosecond pulse power with the high energy of nanosecond pulses
  • Add to this revolutionary Fractional Laser FRACTAT to remove tattoos more effectively with less blistering and downtime.
  • The Starwalker laser combines 4 wavelengths in an advanced, high-powered solution:
    – 1064 nm Nd:YAG for dark pigments
    – 532 nm KTP for red, tan, purple and orange inks
    – 650 nm for green inks
    – 585 nm for sky blue inks.

It thus provides the ideal combination for treating colour tattoos.


The laser pulse is very fast and powerful. Four wave lengths to remove all colours. 
Fractional treatment (FRACTAT) allowing more passes with tattoo removal and less downtime, blistering and fibrotic scarring.

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